2016 Supreme™ collection

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Staron’s new pattern SUPREME captures nature’s rhythmic melody in
its re-interpreted trendy Contemporary Design.
The Solid Surface is an eco-friendly material that is harmless to humans and
Staron SUPREME’s versatile processing possibilities allows one to design a
truly individualized space.

Extension of NATURE

nfusing the energy of the nature again


Respecting the sensitivity of a material
Maximizing the softness
High-class version of atypical pattern


Design sensitivity that visualizes
the eco-friendly and sustainable value
Interaction between
the unique natural patterns and materials

retail of tomorrow

New Staron

Inspired by Pure & Soft

Experience the emotional comfort and peace inspired by nature’s softness.


Delphi / VD111

Like the ancient city of Dephi, home of the Greek god Zeus,
this color brings to life the sublime purity and spirit of white.
One can discover in Delphi the many hues within white and
how powerful it can transform a retail space.


Cloudbank / VC118

This grey color combines the duality
of a moisture laden cloudy sky and
the dryness of the city cement.
Its soft patterns and cool colors create
a soothing environment.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge / VN144

Echoing nature’s soft and lasting limestone,
this color combines Tone on Tone colors and patterns in a gentle feathery embrace
that creates a safe and warm space.


Magnolia / VM143

Peeping out shyly like the delicate buds
of spring’s white blooms,
Magnolia can be utilized in kitchens &
bathrooms as versatile furniture tops
to produce a cohesive space.

Inspired by Warm and Earthy

Refreshed by natures calm and abundant expanse


Dawn / VD126

Even the bustle of city life is silenced by the calm warmth of dawn.
This pattern emulates rhythmically divided concrete exteriors with re-interpreted greys
that produces a serene modern space.


Dandelion / VD175

Comprised of warm earth tones
from nature’s palette and patterns
in organic forms, this color creates
an inviting nature-friendly atmosphere
that is both leisurely and refined.


Pastoral / VP177

The elements of a quiet countryside with clear air can be found in the Pastoral color.
The shapes of field and sky are minimized to a hue
that expresses an earthy simplicity.


Loam / VL155

The rich deep brown of this color
expresses a luxurious calm feeling.
The earth tones of Loam are ideal
for creating peaceful spaces
in kitchens and bathrooms.

Inspired by Ideal & Unknown

Reflection by imagination about the unknown with infinite energy and mysterious nature.

Ocean View

Ocean View / VO171

When the waves break on the shores of a white beach, the foamy water droplets splash
apart into organic and contrived forms that feels both natural and artificial.
In the same way, the pattern and the color of Ocean view used
in bathroom spaces and wall-cladding emit a subtle shimmer that creates an artful moody atmosphere.


Presto / VP159

In the color Presto, the dark night, deep sea, and the moon lit waves are united in a pattern of black, blue, and green shades whose unknown depths reflect the wonders of mystery. Presto is utilized best in luxurious and distinguished spaces.