Design Idea by Zaha Hadid Architects 관련 예시

How would
future retail store
environment present
to walk-in clients?

What would the future fashion flagship store be like?
‘ flagship store’ opened the first flagship store in Neuchatel, Swiss at the end of December 2013 by the design collaboration between Zaha Hadid, a world renowned architect and Staron® with, a famous fashion brand of Swiss. It is collaboration on material, architecture and fashion giving a novel sense to each area.

Staron® Solid Surface Digital Signage Housing Unit
With the aid of Staron® solid surface,
digital signage touch screen unit is securely housed. flagship store is a place of meeting online world and offline world and
expressed meaning of space as expresses a contact point of the two worlds. That is to
say, people can select desired image and style in the minimal board, see products
with own eyes, feel space image of products and brand and make online order the
products for delivery. A new suggestion of offline store on the
future consumption is the reason why this flagship store is special.

retail of tomorrow

Retail of


The Concept

Interior design reminding full future emotion of Zaha Hadid, and fashion items for casual, but sporty, minimal pattern and color look are designed harmoniously. Unique curve and volume that is called the unique style of Zaha Hadid is outstanding.

The Product - STARON® example

Space, furniture and wall of flagship store are manufactured with ‘Pure White’ of Staron®. Imitation marble Staron®, which is free for formation was perfect to create smooth furniture and space of Zaha Hadid style. The charm of imitation marble Staron® is that it can be transformed by imagination of designers and soft and that smooth design is available.

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Characteristics of
The Project

  • Combine offline world and online world
  • Stimulate future emotion with shopping at flagship store
  • Maintain loyal membership of Heidi family
  • Provide innovative experience with new customers
  • Provide practical and flexible new design to enhance market success and sales achievement.
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