LOTTE CHEMICAL pursues sustainable
growth through eco-friendly technology

LOTTE CHEMICAL is approaching the future with great competitive products, eco-friendly
management and technology and sustainable businesses practices.

Eco-friendly management

LOTTE CHEMICAL creates and maintains strict standards in order to minimize negative environmental effects of the production process. The company manages emissions of greenhouse gases through Integrated Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management System, which was established in 2011 to control greenhouse gases. The company also achieved Energy Management System (ISO 50001, becoming the first among all the other companies in the field, as well as the global certifications of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Safety and Health management system (ISO 18001).

LOTTE CHEMICAL monitors pollutants with auto measuring equipmen and observes results through its own analysis.
  • Dust Management

    The company receives basic emission
    tax exemption by maintaining
    the emission concentration
    at less than 30%,
    the legal emission concentration rate.

  • Wastewater Management

    The company runs a waste-water
    disposal plant or
    contracts the management
    to a specialized company in order
    to maintain legal limits.

  • Industrial Waste Management

    The company separates and stores
    waste according to the standards
    of Waste Control Act.

  • Emergency Management

    The company has installed surveillance
    cameras on discharge sites with drainage
    interceptors and recovery
    facilities in place.

Certified Eco-Friendly

Staron is a recycled product, reducing industrial waste and energy consumption during the production process. All Staron colors are certified eco-friendly by GREENGUARD and GRANDGUARD GOLD for use in hospitals and education buildings where the hygiene matters most. Staron has also received SCS (Scientific Certification System) certification from LEED sustainable building programs.

  • All Staron colors are certified
    (Greenguard logos)
  • Eco-friendly products containing recycled raw materials
    (SCS certified recycled content logo)
    SCS certified