Staron Design Contest


1st Prize RUSLE by d.Make Giuseppe D'Emilio Antonio De Rosa Denise Franze Pierpaolo De Santis

  • 2nd Prize Tom Vac Sink by Virginia Lorello

  • 2nd Prize GENESI by Francesco Conversano Irene Curti Cesare Giorgino Michele Stellacci

  • 3rd Prize SWAN by Martina Calanni Giulia Di Lorenzo

  • 3rd Prize In a Little Garden by McFarlane Lotter Architects Alana Macias Tormo


Special Prize YEE-HA, HOMIE and PEBBLES by Cornelius Comanns


Staron will be running a design contest, StaroNature; a twist on the brand name Staron entwined with nature. With the increased awareness of protecting our environment at the forefront of customer’s minds, all entries should show a new Staron solid surface design inspired by the magic of nature. Staron’s commitment to working with professionals and aspiring creatives encourages innovation and product development that pushes the boundaries of design.

  • Submission

    15.10.2019 - 31.12.2019

  • Participant eligibility

    If you are an architect, a designer or student of architecture or design, you can participate in this contest. You can apply as an individual or as a group (up to five people).

  • Competition categories

    1 A new Staron design inspired by nature

    A stand-alone imaginative
    object inspired by nature
    using Staron.

    2 A new Staron design which
    shows balance between
    nature and Staron

    An imaginative object using a
    combination of Staron and a
    natural material such as wood, water or plants.

    3 A new eco-friendly product

    An innovative and practical
    object created using Staron
    to improve our environmental

Judging Criteria


  • 1st Round

    06.01.2020 - 19.01.2020


    The first round is based on two main judging criteria, namely: production feasibility and subject suitability. An evaluation team appointed by the organisers will check each applicant’s design very carefully and judge it according to these main criteria. Each member of the evaluation team is a technical or design professional with a great deal of experience with Staron as well as in the related industry. Based on their assessment, a maximum of 20 applications will be nominated to progress to the next stage.

  • 2nd Round

    27.01.2020 - 09.02.2020

    • A professiona judge’s
      assesment 70%
    • Public Poll 30%

    The applications from the first round will be evaluated by an independent professional judge/jury.
    The judge/jury will assess the following specific aspects:
    • Subject suitability /overall concept
    • Innovation
    • Aesthetics
    • Impact/utility
    • Brand fit
    • Ecological compatibility
    • Production feasibility
    • Design quality
    • User-friendliness
    The evaluation by the judge/jury will count for 70% of the final result.
    At the same time, the public will vote for the best design among the shortlisted candidates – the public poll serves to provide an overview of the general preference.
    Each individual can only vote once, and this will count for 30% of the final result.


Winners get 25,000 EUR in total

  • 1st Prize

    10,000 EUR

    1 person/group

  • 2nd Prize

    4,000 EUR (each)

    2 people/groups

  • 3rd Prize

    2,000 EUR (each)

    2 people/group

  • Special Prize for a very innovative application

    3,000 EUR

    1 person/group

Apply now

Submission15.10.2019 - 31.12.2019

If you have any questions please e-mail to or call us at +49 6196 77 27 274/278


As a pioneer inspired by the "art of living better together", the designer has more than ever the duty to rethink his/her design process in the light of current environmental ambitions. As such, it must go beyond formal codes to include its creation within an eco-rational approach (such as sustainability, scalability, cradle to cradle, and other eco-innovative solutions).

Jean-Philippe Nuel

Jean-Philippe NuelDirector of Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel

  • • 2019, intercontinental Lyon Hôtel Dieu, Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese, La Clé Champs Elysées in Paris
  • • 2015, Les Cures Marines de Trouville
  • • 2014, Piscine Molitor et Le Cinq Codet à Paris
  • • 2013, Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel Dieu

Through this competition, "Lotte" challenges designers and reaffirms its ecological commitment, which is already omnipresent in its Staron surface production and energy management processes.As a real modelling material, Staron surfaces offer a creative freedom particularly appropriate for inspiring candidates.

This is why our studio is pleased to support "Lotte" and its Staron composite, in this forward-looking approach resolutely turned towards the future and refocused on the environment.

Simon Scott

Director of Koncept ID Simon Scott

We at Koncept ID have used Staron products for many years and has always been our first "go to" company for Solid Surface solutions in our work.

To be asked by Staron to be a member of the judging panel is a great honour indeed for us.

We look forward to being partners with Staron on this fantastic creative design competition. We are looking forward to seeing what our creative industry can produce as a response to the "StaroNature" design brief.

Martina Landsberger

Martina LandsbergerProfessor of Politecnico di Milano

  • • Department of architecture, building engineering and built environment

In this period in which the issues of environmental sustainability and nature protection are increasingly important and urgent, try to tackle a project in which the natural element is related to the artificial one seems quite current.

The plasticity of the semi-artificial material, associated with the natural one, rigid in use, allows the imagination to fulfill its role without "flying" but remaining within a context of reality.

It is precisely this specific quality of control of the imaginative process that makes the contest particularly interesting not only for those who are involved in design in the strict sense but also, and above all, for young people who, looking at their future and that of our planet, are called to try to give shape to some parts of it.

Michele Caja

Professor of Politecnico di Milano Michele Caja

  • • Department of architecture, building engineering and built environment

The relationship between project and natural environment has always been one of the central topics of architectural research, in particular starting from the Modern. Its application to the environment in which we live, from the scale of the object to that of the building, becomes today an increasingly important issue. In this sense, the competition focuses on giving an important contribution, in which the topicality of the theme is declined in its many possible variants. The object of daily use or an element of spatial delimitation become the scales according to which to address the given theme, highlighting the intrinsic possibilities of the available material. Its flexibility and adaptability to different contexts makes it ideal for any formal configuration underlying the design idea.