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Eclectic Style

Embrace the boundless creativity of Eclectic style and let Staron Solid Surface be the canvas that brings your unique design vision to life in every space.

Eclectic Style

The Beauty of Maximalism

Amalgamating the beauty of various design styles without overcrowding or the space looking too matchy - introducing the charming product of maximalism - Eclectic Interior Design style. The basic rule of thumb is - no rule! Juxtaposing the multiple arrays of colours and textures and old with new, this style is all set to outshine one’s unique personality. It’s all about ‘thinking outside the box’ and creating a unique experience with the help of art and furnishings. This style follows the principles of mixing, matching, and layering, where you can play the ‘expect the unexpected’ card with contrasts, textures, colours, materials, and prints.

What is Eclectic Design Style?

Fun, funky, and full of visual interest - the core of Eclectic style is to feel carefree and incorporate pieces from different eras and styles. Featuring the fusion of modern and traditional, this style embraces the feel of bold furnishings with neutral walls. The ultimate ideology is to mix textures and multiply them to make the space cohesive and well-connected. Styling with Moroccan pouffes, a multicoloured enormous Persian rug, some chic velvet or suede on the furniture, and Indian block-printed fabrics are a way to go for Eclectic style. Even animal prints, pom-poms, sheepskin cushions, and leather can make an ideal Eclectic statement altogether.

Key Elements and Characteristics

• Follow the concept of ‘more is more'
• Combine the sleek modern finishes with old and vintage decoratives
• Don’t shy from displaying a gallery wall
• Embrace the feel of bold and retro hues such as Fuschia pink, golden yellow, electric blue, emerald green, turquoise, ochre, and burnt orange as accents
• Forget the norm and incorporate unique ways to play with paint and wallpaper
• Take inspiration and incorporate the elements from global influences
• Make the most of gilded mirrors, vases, indoor plants and planters, standalone decorative pieces, and chic mid-century modern furniture

Eclectic Mood Board

STARON Colours

Natural Bridge
Quarry Oyster
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