Design Idea

Staron® Urban Series

Staron® Urban Series

Simple, modern and sophisticated—
Staron’s Urban Collection is characterized by
understated, industrially inspired colors; perfect for
commercial spaces as well minimalist residential

01. Urban Outlook

Contrast / Brilliant & Essential / Texture

Sleek and refined color-hues emulating modern concrete
create an interior hardscape that is organic and natural.

  • Sanded Taupe ST485
  • Sanded Taupe ST485
  • Sanded Heron SH428 Sanded Heron SH428
  • Quarry Starred QS287 Quarry Starred QS287
  • Metallic SleekSiver ES581 Metallic SleekSiver ES581
  • Sanded Goose SG428 Sanded Goose SG428

02. Effortless Beauty

Sleek / Neutral / Contemporary

Timeless, neutral shades of gray, both cool and warm,
provide the perfect palette for a modern, interior space.

  • Bliss SB022 Bliss SB022
  • Steel ST023 Steel ST023
  • Aspen Misto AM681 Aspen Misto AM681
  • Pebble Boulder PB852 Pebble Boulder PB852
  • Aspen Concrete AC629 Aspen Concrete AC629
  • Urban Gray VU127 Urban Gray VU127