Design Idea

2020 New Staron Colours

Staron Introduces Seven Colours
to its Surface Collection for 2020

Designed with modern living in mind, premium solid surface brand, Staron has introduced
seven new colours to its collection. Inspired by contemporary design and interiors,
the new surfaces offer a refined finish that’s guaranteed to enhance any residential kitchen,
bathroom or commercial space.

Neutral, yet eye-catching, each new colour from Staron features intricate, considered detail.
From the unfinished, industrial look of Supreme Ash Concrete, to the contrasting flecks of Terrazzo Venezia,
each new shade combines a stunning appearance with outstanding practical qualities.
Opt for the wash-effect shades of brown, ash and white in Supreme Concerto for a unique worktop designed
to make a statement, or choose Supreme Flux for a bright, yet subtly mottled surface.
Pebble Tearose, made from Staron’s most popular sandy stone shades,features a multitude
of flecks for a more textured appearance, whilst Sanded Mint and Sanded Iceblue offer a more vibrant choice,
perfect for the healthcare sector due to their translucent characteristics.

  • Pebble Tea Rose

  • Ash Concrete

  • Sanded Mint

  • Flux

  • Sanded Iceblue

  • Concerto

  • Terrazzo Venezia

The award-winning, revolutionary surfaces from Staron combine a sophisticated blend of natural minerals
and thermosetting acrylic polymers for a structure that’s as durable as it is hygienic.
The exceptional qualities offer total flexibility when it comes to design,
providing a seamless, curvaceous look if desired.