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Antimicrobial Material Solution for Healthcare

The healthiest choice for your design

evermoin® is safe and harmless to humans and
environment and its function always
remains the same.
evermoin® is antibacterial material
which is especially appropriate
for spaces used by unspecified individuals
such as medical facilities.

Benefit of evermoin®

  • Antimicrobial

    Rate bacteria removal 99.9+
    Fungi growth level [0]

  • Durability

    Excellent antimicrobial
    retention and Confirm quality
    stability and durability

  • Safety

    Material certification harmless
    to human body and environment
    (EPA, NSF, FDA)

evermoin® can get applied anywhere, ensuring clean and safe everyday life.

evermoin® protects humans and the environment in a reliably way.

evermoin® remains fresh and pristine in its look and value without extra care.


Hospital / Health Care

evermoin® is an antibacterial material which is applicable to almost
any sanitary spaces where safety is the first priority such as hospital and laboratory.

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병원 이미지 02 병원 이미지 03

Doctor’s office, Operation room

병원 이미지 04 병원 이미지 05 병원 이미지 06
병원 이미지 09
병원 이미지 07 병원 이미지 08

Nurse station, Disinfection room

병원 이미지 10
병원 이미지 11 병원 이미지 12

Hospital room, Hospital lounge

병원 이미지 15
병원 이미지 13 병원 이미지 14


Certification & Test

evermoin® has been approved by following certification bodies.

Human safety

  •  human safety 로고 이미지 01

    Society of International sustaining
    growth for Antimicrobial Articles

  •  human safety 로고 이미지 02

    US Environmental
    Protection Agency

  •  human safety 로고 이미지 03

    US Food & Drug

Food contact safety

 human safety 로고 이미지 04

National Sanitation

evermoin® has passed following tests.

Antimicrobial Test

ASTM E 2180

- Rate bacteria removal 99.9+

Antimicrobial activity
and efficacy Test

JIS Z 2801

Antifungal Test

ISO 846 (B')

- Fungi growth level [0]

Human safety Test

FDA 21 CFR 177