Design Idea


2020 new staron

In 2020, new colors will be added to our STARON line-up.

: ‘Tranquil’ and ‘Flux’ in frosty white tones with softness for SUPREME Collection
: ‘Ash Concrete’ and ‘Noir Concrete’ in rough concrete look for SUPREME Collection
: ‘Terrazzo Venezia’ with colorful particles that provide a refreshing lift


White is a color that can be harmonized with any interior atmosphere such as classic, modern, and natural styles.
Supreme Collection releases TRANQUIL and FLUX to showcase a variety of whites.
TRANQUIL is a bright color in the Supreme Collection, and the white particles are added to the soft vein pattern to add vitality to the space.
Flux is a translucent off-white with white vein patterns. It offers a calm atmosphere, like snowflakes on ice.

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Concrete, a grained interior material which is suitable for industrial interiors, looks rough and coarse,
but the soft touch of solid surfaces completes the subtle color tone differences and patterns.
ASH CONCRETE expresses a rough feeling with coarse pebbles embedded in light gray,
and NOIR CONCRETE is expressed with a stucco texture in dark gray, which is originally a mixture of lime and sand.
They can be applied to various interior spaces as well as commercial spaces.

image01 image02

Ash Concrete

Noir Concrete


TERRAZZO is said to have been made from abandoned marble pieces and dirt during the 15th century, in Venice, Italy.
Terrazzo is reinterpreted as solid surface’s TERRAZZO VENEZIA with various spatial styling items.
Bright tones and colorful particles provide a refreshing lift, emphasizing the individuality of the space.
It adds vitality to the space by combining the advantages of artificial marble, which is easy to process and design to be used as various decorative
objects, as well as interior finishing materials for commercial and residential spaces.

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Terrazzo Venezia