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Staron exterior cladding & facade solution

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Your creativity is our limit.

Discover the versatile beauty for exterior cladding.
With Staron, surface painting is not required anymore to achieve color or texture variety of your design.

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1. Seamless joint

Color matchin g adhesives that have same componets with Staron allow seamless joints between slabs.
With seamless joints, it is possible to install large walls more naturally.

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2. Dimensional flexibility

While most of other materials for exterior cladding are limited to be flat,
Staron is able to be curved into various shapes by thermoforming process.
Staron helps you to achieve more elegant design with its flexibility.

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3. CNC fabrication

With Staron, it is possible to express various art wall.
Staron is easily fabricated by CNC machining and it helps designers to convey
their ideas without limitation.

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4. Lighting effect

Staron is translucent, so it is a proper surface material for lighting effect.
By controlloing the thickness, shape and transparency,you can maximize
the lighting effect of Staron to achieve more various designs.

  • Dimension
    &Adganvated of
    ventilated facade

  • COLORS Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
    All color 760(30inch) 3,680(145inch) 12(1/2inch)
    Bright White
    • 930(37inch)
    • 1,350(53inch)
    • 1,520(60inch)
    • 3,680(145inch)
    • 3,660(144inch)
    • 3,660(144inch)
    • 12(1/2inch)
    • 12(1/2inch)
    • 12(1/2inch)
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  • Ventilated facade cladding system is proper fixing method for Staron® panel of 12mm thickness.

    Advantages of ventilated facade

    • Discharges the rainwater flown in from the outside and the moisture created from the
      inside of building through the gap to prevent corrosion of the building
    • Saves energy of the building through increased thermal insulation effect
    • Reducing external noise
    • Prevents dew condensation on the building structure