Design Idea

Terrazzo Series


As Newtro trend becomes popular, Terrazzo is getting more attention.
It is being used as a graphical element for combination of neutral or various colors.
Designs with terrazzo pattern is being applied to various commercial spaces such as café ,hotel and shop.

01. Classic Terrazzo

Classic Terrazzo is designed with various fancy chips which were rarely used for solid surfaces.
It allows unique and free expression of design by supplementing low intensity and formability of other kinds of Terrazzo materials.

  • classic-terrazzo
  • nt150 NT150 Terrazzo Venezia
  • ql257 QL257 Earthen Bark
  • nt970 NT970 Terrazzo Bologna
02. Mono Terrazzo

Chic monotous pattern is made with a contrasting pair of dark background and clear chips.
Soft pearls spreaded on the surface add elegant volumes to monotonous pattern.

  • mono-terrazzo
  • ft191 FT191 Terrazzo Como
  • nt981 NT981 Terrazzo Torino
  • ql287 QL287 Earthen Stratum
03. Black&White Terrazzo

Luminosity contrast stimulates modern space with its clearness.
It can be used variously, from small tools to big spaces.

  • blacknwhite-terrazzo
  • qd212 QD212 Mosaic Dalmatian
  • qn287 QN287 Mosaic Nimbus