Design Idea



New colors will be added to our STARON line-up.

: ‘Tranquil’ and ‘Flux’ in frosty white tones with softness for SUPREME Collection
: ‘Ash Concrete’ and ‘Noir Concrete’ in rough concrete look for SUPREME Collection
: ‘Terrazzo Venezia’ with colorful particles that provide a refreshing lift


Translucent / Mystical / Organic Pattern

The upgraded Supreme III is inspired by marble that have unexpected movements and cracks of nature formed by long enduring harsh natural conditions.
The vein conveys a sense of depth by the effects of reflection, refraction, and overlay through light. The lighting transmission effect relieves people’s
anxiety and isolation by providing emotional stability.
Depending on the presence or absence of lighting, two types of interpretation are possible, so it can be used not only for countertops but also as wall-claddings.
Arctic White with fine white veins on subtle white,
Rotor Cloud that stands out with the harmony of tinted gray and bold veins,
Latte Cream, like the dawn of winter, laid down onto the color of the vast lands

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Arctic White

Rotor Cloud

Latte Cream


Distinct / Optimistic / Energizing
Color conveys simple yet powerful messages, and it contains numerous emotions.
Intense colors communicate rich sensibility as well as lively and friendly atmosphere full of positive energy.
These refreshing colors inspired by nature can be expected to have greater effects when harmonized with the existing STARON colors
in various commercial spaces.

ULTRAMARINE brings tranquility and comfort to people with its positive color soothing effect.
Blue energizes the space and at the same time calms the mind, giving a sense of comfort and relief.

FOREST is a vivid mint color with a hint of bluish green. It carries a pleasant, modern and outgoing mood.
The positive energy of Forest gives life to the space and helps alleviate people's anxiety and depression, since it inherits healing aspects

PIANO BLACK is a vivid black with an elegant, sophisticated and modern mood that can emphasize the sensual simplicity of a space when used within
an appropriate color scheme. This is a timeless beauty that allows unlimited design.

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Forest (SF061)