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Scandinavian Style

Experience the captivating allure of Scandinavian interior style, where a perfect balance between simplicity and comfort creates inviting spaces filled with natural textures, soft colors, and a serene ambiance inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Scandinavian Style

Art to Minimalism

The epitome of simplicity and functionality, minimalism with a nature-inspired influence - the Scandinavian Interior Design Style majorly refers to the northern European countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Believing in 'Hygge', a Danish term for celebrating family, warmth, and cosiness, this style embraces a clean, soft, and sleek environment. With few hours of sunlight in the winters and an extremely harsh climate - the neutral colour palette consisting of lighter pastels, ample off-whites, and softer greys allows for a much warmer and airy feel - all year long!

What is Scandinavian Design Style?

Sharing synonyms with minimalism, contemporary, and modern - Scandinavian Design Style, in reality, is a slightly different approach. Minimalism is often considered cold and stark - and that’s when Scandi style introduces the cosy, textured accents such as mohair throws and sheepskin rugs to make a statement of warmth. Natural wood such as birch, beech, and pine, simple and clean lines, neutral colour palettes like pastels and whites, minimal ornamentation, and using storage as decor is a timeless way to embrace the Nordic style.

Key Elements and Characteristics

• Following the ideology of "less is more" and "form follows function"
• Maximising natural light with the help of sheer curtains, light hardwood flooring, and a neutral colour palette
• Functional modern furniture that doubles as storage
• Embracing muted tones such as sage, blush, ivory, taupe, and grey
• Adding texture and warmth with the help of a woven basket, chunky rug, and tufted throw blanket
• Prioritising quality craftsmanship of furniture and decoratives
• Bringing nature indoors with the help of indoor plants and art forms that evoke Scandinavian landscapes, forests, lakes, and mountains

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