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Urban Industrial Style

The Urban Industrial design style is recognized for its modern, refined aesthetic. It's an excellent choice for contemporary homes with minimalist decor and commercial spaces. This style features a muted, industrial-inspired colour scheme that adds to its sleek and sophisticated look.

Urban Industrial Style

Harmonising Rawness

Prioritising the comfort of Urban style with the raw elements of Industrial style, the fusion is an absolute product of sophistication and practicality. Minimal, uncluttered, modern, unfinished, and sleek - the Urban Industrial style dives deeper into the concepts of functionality and reflects modern city life. With a preference for rustic and unfinished architectural elements, this style combines modern features to achieve the best of both styles. Indeed, a new age ‘rugged’ style that embraces comfort and warm elegance.

What is Urban Industrial Design Style?

Prevalent in loft apartments and city condominiums, this style admires the appeal of rustic features with a blend of polished accents, textural warmth, and distressed material finishes. Undeniably more sleek, modern, ‘finished’, and comfortable - the Urban Industrial style touches base with a soft and soothing colour palette, ample natural light, refined accessories, and multifunctional furniture. The perfect juxtaposition of reclaimed woods, exposed brick, and vintage leather against faux furs, velvet, cosy linen, and chunky wool knits makes this design style truly unique and out-of-the-box.

Key Elements and Characteristics

• Retaining the charm of rustic ‘industrial’ architectural elements while anchoring comfort, soothe, and cosiness
• Prioritising a colour palette dominating warm whites, soft greys, olive or sage greens, navy blues, and calming beiges
• Creating an ‘unpretentious’ look with the help of textured paint, rugged plaster, recycled timber, exposed brickwork, concrete, and vintage metal finish
• Preferring functional, stylish, and multipurpose furniture with high-quality craftsmanship
• Using oversized jute and sisal rugs, cowhides, sheepskin fur, and animal prints for rugs
• Maximising storage space with the help of floor-to-ceiling built-ins, double-duty furniture, and underbed storage

Urban Industrial Mood Board

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