Design Idea

Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

Staron® Pharos holds MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certification in accordance with IMO
(International Maritime Organization) regulations. While most shipbuilding materials are sensitive to heat and fire,
Staron® Pharos meets both flammability requirements and high aesthetic demands.


MED is recognized in USA because of mutual recognition agreement between EU and USA.

EU - Marine Equipment Directive (MED) USA - National Sanitation Foundation
  • MED-MD-1053-20 Certification for the Production, Quality management system

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  • MED-MB-1297-19 Certification for the Product (Material)

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Max. Gas Smoke Density

· Passed with 49.8 Dm of gas smoke density

Toxic Gas Generation

· Tests found 273 ppm of CO; other kinds of gas were not found

· In non-certified solid surfaces, SOx gas was found