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Mediterranean style

With its warm tones and natural materials, Mediterranean style pairs beautifully with Staron solid surface to create a stunning and practical space.

Mediterranean Style

Romanticising South Coast

Taking utmost inspiration from the images featuring the hard rocky coastlines, salty air, and palm trees - the Mediterranean style is found in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re aiming to achieve a relaxed and carefree Santorini-like feel in your space or the bright summers of Ibiza - this design style is all about indoor-outdoor and raw and rustic living. The European version of Coastal design, the Mediterranean style, evokes the beauty, elegance, and sophistication of Southern European countries.

What is Mediterranean Design Style?

Mediterranean style is a vibrant and warm design aesthetic inspired by the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. It embraces earthy colours, and natural materials like stone and wood, and incorporates elements such as arches, columns, and intricate tile work. With a focus on indoor-outdoor living, the Mediterranean style creates inviting spaces that exude timeless charm and a relaxed ambience. Sophistication here is the key!

Key Elements and Characteristics

• Neutral colour palette with textured exterior walls in stucco and interior walls in plaster or natural stone cladding
• The ideology of less is more in styling and decoration
• Use of natural and raw materials such as wood, natural stone, ceramics, terracotta, and wrought iron
• Embracing the indoor-outdoor living
• Maximising natural light and views of the outdoors
• Showcasing Mediterranean decor such as rattan, linen, and cotton
• Airy and breezy backdrop

Mediterranean Mood Board

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