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Staron Exterior Cladding & Facade Solution

Discover the versatile beauty of exterior cladding.
With Staron, surface painting is not required anymore to achieve colour or texture variety in your design.

Staron Exterior Cladding & Facade Solution

Explore the infinite aesthetic possibilities of exterior cladding with Staron.
Gone are the days when you had to rely on surface painting to achieve a diverse range of colours and textures for your exterior cladding design. With Staron, the world of design possibilities is at your fingertips.

Seamless joint

Adhesives meticulously colour-matched and composed of the same elements as Staron make it possible to achieve seamless joints between slabs. This seamless integration simplifies the installation of extensive walls for a more natural appearance.

Dimensional flexibility

While many other exterior cladding materials are restricted to flat surfaces, Staron can be curved into various shapes through a thermoforming process. This flexibility empowers you to create more elegant and sophisticated designs.

CNC Fabrication

Staron unleashes boundless artistic wall possibilities.
Staron can be easily fabricated using CNC machining, enabling designers to freely express their creative ideas without constraints.

Lighting effect

Staron offers a range of translucent colors, making it an ideal surface material for creating captivating lighting effects. By skillfully managing the material's thickness, shape, and transparency, you can enhance Staron's lighting potential, opening up a myriad of design possibilities.

Ventilated façade

A ventilated facade cladding system and undercut anchor is the official and proper fixing method for Staron® panels of 12 mm thickness.

Additionally, a ventilated façade provides various advantages.
• Discharges rainwater entering from the outside and moisture created inside the building via the gap to prevent corrosion of the building
• Saves energy in the building thanks to increased thermal insulation
• Reduces external noise
• Prevents condensation from forming in the building